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gimme some funky worship…

…with great lyrics.

i got to choose some worship songs this morning, so i started with this one, & it seemed to go down well.  i like it. 🙂  i like it  a lot.

i have a love/hate relationship with worship.  i like worship, i really do, but gimme some decent music AND some decent lyrics

stop it with the gimme gimme i’m so hungy worship songs already.  there’s a place for that, but we’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, let’s move on.  as we stand & declare who we are, & who christ is, we need some music for that journey.

thank you rend collective!

[btw, jake hamilton is doin some cool sfuff too… just saying]


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i’m back…

random ramblings…

god is good.  🙂  really really good.

i’m not making this stuff up, i really do get to experience the goodness of god every week.  not in a big way like angels or in-yer-face miracles, but more like gentle reminders of a… good god.

you wanna hear something funny?  i decided it was about time to start blogging again, so i set a calendar reminder for today.  well just for fun i checked the hebrew date… 25 elul.  wow.  that was the name of my first blog  in 2010.

holy spirit has a sense of humor. i did not plan this, serious.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

anyways, things have changed a little since my first blog.  i got hit with ‘the hunger’ in 1999, & the 25elul blog was ‘the random ramblings of a man who believes THERE IS MORE! Yay God!’

well this time round, the emphasis is on ‘doin the stuff’, not just blogging about it.   so this blog is kinda like a ‘confessions of a pastor’.

i don’t actually use the title ‘pastor’, so it’s a little tongue-in-cheek.  my name is al, & god called me to leadership.  this is my journey.

bless ya


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i saw him sitting at a newspaper stand…

i saw him sitting at a newspaper stand, watching the world go by.

he called out to me so i stopped to talk, he asked me why.

why do you always care about me when nobody else gives a damn?

i’m just a bum, no one cares about me… he asked me why.


so we walked & we talked the night away…

i didn’t actually say much to start with, but i did invite him in for a feed.  i asked if i could bless him.  tears welled up in his eyes as i prayed, & he chipped in with a prayer of his own.

i thought that would be it… he would go his way, & i was off to home group.

but he was very insistent; he wanted to repay my kindness.  would i take a walk with him, & he would introduce me to his friends?  ok, let’s do it.  i called my home group & asked them to pray.

his name was bruce.  i had met him several times when he would hang around the bus stop outside our house in symonds st auckland, asking for 90 cents for a bus fare.  he was about thirty, had long dishevelled hair & was barefoot.  there was a scar across his cheek & nose.  as we walked that night i noticed he didn’t seem well… his walking pace was getting slower.

he told me he was once the captain of a high school cricket team, & he went to a grammar school (i.e. a ‘posh’ school), he had fallen a long way.  i have no idea if the story was for real.

as he introduced me to his ‘friends’, it became obvious there were no friends.  they were bartenders & drinking buddies.  the more he drank, & they drank, the more the illusion of friendship grew.

i wish i could say this story had a ‘wow’ ending, but no…  

for the next four hours we visited three different bars.  eventually i had to go home, & the last i saw of him he was in tears because he was torn between ‘just one more drink’, and the offer of a place to stay with me.  he chose one more drink.

i never saw bruce again.  he disappeared from the streets, & i don’t know what happened to him.  i don’t know if i had any influence on him.  maybe… maybe not.

but what i do know was he was an influence on me.

i started learning to value broken people, everyone has a story.  this christian kid from the country learnt to relate to people in dark places.  don’t do hit & run evangelism, just be yourself & learn to listen.

the year was 1979 & i was nineteen years old.  for the next few years there were many like bruce…  not alcoholics, but just broken people.  i got a part time job in an all-night ‘uncles’ burger bar in queen st, & my life changed, but that’s another story…

occasionally i think about bruce, & say a little prayer.  where are you now?



you felt the breeze… now step out

random thoughts…

daddy god has opened a new door to freedom.  there’s a refreshing wind of the holy spirit blowing over us.

we have been in transition.

but there comes a time when the transition is over. enough already.  enough of feeling the breeze & glimpsing new opportunities.

time to do. time to stop talk & just do.

step out.

this is a ‘wild west’ season in the kingdom. it looks messy at times.  it don’t look pretty.

but there’s only one option.  just do it.

clinging to the old is not an option.


enjoy the journey.

by the way, if you think you can do this journey on you own… think again.  you were designed for community.  we move together.  find some companions for the journey.